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Batu Decking

IBatu is a Wood type which guarantees a real natural beauty, this material is native to Southeast Asia, grew with abundance in the same. Its characteristics in terms of colour tends to very dark mahogany, whose intense red nuances make it stand out from other species of wood. The characteristics of their grain is dense, own a wood of high durability, turn on Nice and its texture is ideal for the application of finishes. Without a doubt, the Batu, represents a natural solution with a beautiful appearance to be implemented in outdoor spaces. This type of Red Balau (also known by this name) is 100% legally harvested in Indonesia.
In terms of its workability, does not deny that it is a material of great difficulty to work, therefore it is extremely dense and hard, by making great resistance to cuts and preformaciones. Also consider having the prior preparation of the surface where it is intended to stick, since it may be difficult but this aspect is taken into consideration.
Also known as mahogany, Meranti, Balau network, is a great option that adds its low cost between Asian Woods, represents at the same time an attractive option for customers who require to meet application needs abroad as classic covers, sugeridad by genuine mahogany, and which also does not generate expensive maintenance.

Is Batu a material of great resistance and durability?

Surprisingly durable, which prints a strength and density so high that it can be compared easily with the IPE mader. It is inmude to wear insect and fungal attacks. It can be deployed outdoors, in dry environments or caleintes, wet and tropical. Its range of useful life, including its maintenance of its physical beauty, without the need for constant maintenance, is around 30, 40 and even 50 years. It has resistance to abrasion, wear, and shock. Last, but not least, is highlight that this material offered by mother nature is fire-resistant.

Batu is resistance and durable material.

Advantages of obtaining a Batu wood cover

*Is an economic wood ideal for outside decks or porches.

*Top finish.

*Low maintenance.

*Color consistency

*Has a uniform texture.

*minimum range of 30 years of life.

Batu ideal for outdoor and indoor installation.

Applications where it is useful Batu wood

For their benefits, it is ideal to make use of this tool for certain applications, however these are not the only ones, since their use is not limited. He is considered specific use in boardwalks, bridges, docks, terraces and Porches, Privacy screens and billboards.

This cute looking wood, is the favorite choice of people who prefer a look more expensive, without spending on other material. Popular for its density, beauty and natural durability

ipe-decking-cumaru-batu-tigerwood-garapa-massaranduba-brasilian-teak-hardwood-buy-wood-woods Bridge Construction with Batu Wood.

Color pattern, texture and grain

The wood color ranges from a half red and dark red / brown with purple tints and often has white-containing resin canals in concentric lines on finished surfaces that produce a warm and visually striking effect. The texture is moderately fine grain interlocking typically Our wooden Red Balau Batu, is carefully classified for a deck plank almost spotless with excellent color, as well as superior strength and consistency of course, natural resistance to rot and decay.

Batu Color

Recommendations for installation and easy finish.

We recommend stainless steel across the face of each Board screw, two screws per beam. To minimize the division drill all the holes. To prevent surface checking, discoloration and cupping, we recommend that Batu decking finished on all four sides, before or immediately after the installation. To maintain the natural color, recommended a finish of penetrating oil of high quality with UV inhibitors. While there are a number of available wood oils designed specifically for this type of application, our research suggests that the formula of Penofin wood provides the best protection and longevity of the layer, a rich luster with no surface film.

Batu cut before installation.